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Another praise of working with wood


Over many years I am proud to have assembled most of the essential tools for the business. And it is a challenge to achieve what ever needs to be done with just that cast of tools. My workshop is small but I love to organize it to the very demands of a project at hand. For me working with wood is highly rewarding. I love the living material, reliable in its reactions to what one is doing to it - it's very aroma melding in the atmosphere of the workshop.


I especially remember the astonishing smell of american walnut. I had bought 35 mm slabs of a big old trunk with bark still on it. While cutting them down the saw set free a host of aromas. It smelled of soil and farm animals and what not else.





STRAIGT CHAIR "laid back" | Seat and backrest: Matt lacquered molded beech plywood, Frame: Matt black lacquered spruce, 2023








Readling lamp - Black walnut - 2022



Dressing table - oack / birch - 2021



CHAIR No 1 - oack - June 2020


CHAIR No 1 - fir, finishing: water-based matt varnish - June 2020


Bench with backrest - 140 cm


Bench - 175 cm x 40 cm x 46 cm




Broom Closet - MDF


Armchair - Black walnut, leather


Lamp - Black walnut, leather


Armchair and Lamp - Black walnut, leather


Desktop - birch plywood and steel


Desktop - details

An old Villeroy & Boch cutlery knife ground in new shape and refurbished with a stylish handle made out of oiled black walnut.


table_and_cupboardeggholder table_and_cupboard

Picture 1, 2, 3: Pen Tray, hand crafted, oiled American Walnut



Sideboard for house in Ystad


eggholder table_and_cupboard

Picture 1, 2: Potato Smasher, hand crafted, oiled Swedish Ash Wood, hight 27 cm, weight: 575 g


eggholder table_and_cupboard

Picture 1: Eggholder made from american walnut. Picture 2: Sideboard and table for house in Ystad



Sideboard "Julia", beech Multiplex



Sideboard "Julia"





Sideboard "Christine", beech Multiplex


table_and_cupboard table_and_cupboard

Picture 1) Desk, oak and steel. Picture 2) Sideboard, beech Multiplex



Tabel "Early Years", oak and steel


Outdoor table and benches, pinetree


table_and_cupboard table_and_cupboard

Picture 1) Deck, bangkirai 2) Outdoor table and benches, pinetree


table_and_cupboard table_and_cupboard

Picture 1) Custom made Door; Picture 2) Beds and Nightstands for Guesthouse


table_and_cupboard table_and_cupboard

table_and_cupboard table_and_cupboard

Connecting technique for bed frame solely made from 8x8 cm timber


table_and_cupboard table_and_cupboard

Custom fitted kitchen shelf and countertop


Photography by Andreas Riess Photography by Andreas Riess

Bicycle stand









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